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Its ok, but wasnt this just a rip off of the madness series? Some of the scenes are exactly the same, but atleast the madness series had good music on instead of the annoying loop you put on. It also didnt flow and was too jumpy.

Better :D

This was better than the part one, the animation was less jumpy and the music wasnt just 5 second clips any more. Made me laugh, randy the lord of darkness, lol! You abviously know quite a bit about lotr which is good and the accents were better than P1. Still not great though you might wanna work on them ;)

Cilmeron responds:

:) nice review. At least it looks like I've improved myself from part 1 to part 2 :P I'm currently working on.. erm.. nothing. I have no good new ideas and it's useless to start a movie without sceneplay and/or voiceactors..


The animation was ok and the sound was good quality, but the accents were really awful. Like a cross between american, english, russian and austrailian. And it was annoying how you had the first few seconds of songs played over and over. Also, the animating was a bit jumpy and the charectors didnt move realisticaly. Not an amazingly awful flash... but not good either. Good concept though

Cilmeron responds:

honest review ;) some like the accent, some hate it. I had my difficulties on speaking all the chars by myself and that's why they speak stranger than they should :=

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Great! But...

I dont think this was as good as the first one... When you got hit it took too long to start moving again, which was fustrating, and the place being called newgroundia?? Coulda been more origional is all.
Still a great game though, i got 8.3 minutes at best... how did you do it in 6???? Also, how do you get to the hills and the mountains? And that secret cave. I tried everything but i couldnt find them : (
1 last thing... How come lucy was american but her sister was english? Blagged me right out.
Anyway, brilliant game, you should make a part 3

The-EXP responds:

I did it in 6 cause i played it though about 400 times in testing :p
Lucy and her sister are both voice acted by the same person :p and she's english and can be found on newgrounds under the name ciyfox. The secret cave and hills levels are form sleepless knight 1, sorry to have wasted your time searching, thanks for the review :)

emos suck, but...

This 'game' was a little pointless. The emo was all ready made... all u could do was look at him. Not what id call entertaining. Maybe if you could stick different things on him itd be less shit.
oh and psykicdreamer, those hats are only worn by a dozen guys at any time so its stupid to call them english.

where was the sound??

Brilliant idea! I love tetris it takes me back. Just one thing.... where was the groovy tetris tune? Thats one of the games best aspects! But whatever this still gets 10 cos its a class game.

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f*ckin right!

You guys rule man! Your basist is great, ive worked out a couple of your songs and theyre really fun to play. Ive been trying to find an album of yours but seing as i live in england its a bit hard.
More of the same! I love your style.

rocks, nuf said.

Loved this, great lyrics and ska precussion. I reckon this could be a really popular track. If its not already released it should be. Id buy it. Loved the bass in the breakdown. All round great song.

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